The Pit StopText Box: The PIT STOP souvenir booth, affectionately nick named the “doll house”, 
is open during all races. Within its walls you will find all kinds of goodies to help you through your day, 
from band aids, oil, and tee shirts to a cold hydrating drink or carburetor cleaner. 
Camping items and kids stuff too, so stop by and check it out. 
See what they have to offer, support the track and say hello to our “Dolls”.
Pit Stop Supplies

Wow, what a night we had!!!


So much news to mention we’ll give you the condensed version.


Records were broken


trophies were won!!!


It was an amazing night, if you missed it, please, check out the schedule for our next event. It’s just going to get better with every race.


Uploads on points, records and pics are happening now. Stay tuned.


Please send some love and prayers to Jeremy Burns, #116. Heal fast and hurry back, your race family wants you home.

Folded Corner: Hours: opens least 2 hours before 
qualifying for the racers to signup. 

Items within but not limited to:
RMC Racing shirts, hats and 
Team Shirts and more
Carburetor cleaner, white shoe polish, oil, fuses and more..
Biker gifts from stepping stones, motorcycle wine holders, purses, wallets, key chains and more...
Camping items include but not limited to, candles, propane tanks, 
tooth paste and more...

For the kiddos they loaded up on glow sticks, matchbox bikes, bubbles, candy and, you guessed it, more! 

So, come visit us !!!

The “Dolls”

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